Try the first WIP Demo now!
Feel free to try it and leave your opinions/suggestions.
HOW TO PLAY: I will write this here for testing WIP Demos!
Arrow keys or WASD to move
There are three characters in this game:
- Wings
    Flies over the boxes and takes gears that are on boxes
- Legs
    Can activate buttons
- Hands
    Can move with help of boxes and walls
    Will fall down if it takes more than 3 steps
    without having a box or a wall next to it
        If this happens, get Wings part over it to lift it up again
To complete a stage, take the three gears from it:
- Take gears that are on the floor with Hands part
- Take gears that are on boxes with Wings part
Once you get the three years, the yellow door will open:
- Get the three characters to the door and exit
You must complete the stage within a limited number of movements

What if your body was divided into three parts?

This is TAT Project, a game in which you need to move the three parts of your body at the same time.

"The teleporting test has failed. You... have been divided into three parts"

Teleporting experiments

Make sure you bring all the pieces back to fix the teleporting machine and merge your body back again.

Try the first WIP Demo now!

Feel free to try it and leave your opinions/suggestions. 

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